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You know the gold standard. But have you experienced the

Sapphire Standard? 

Since 2004, Bluestone has offered residents and employees a level of property management beyond expectation, but well within reach.

Bluestone Properties sapphir standard
11_The Ivy Clubhouse -

11_The Ivy Clubhouse -

11.5_Amelia Island Night Shot

11.5_Amelia Island Night Shot

3_1400 Chestnut 1x1 Model - 01

3_1400 Chestnut 1x1 Model - 01

12_Lakeside - Clubhouse

12_Lakeside - Clubhouse

25 The Darby - Clubhouse

25 The Darby - Clubhouse

08_Peyton Rooftop Bar

08_Peyton Rooftop Bar

The Sapphire Standard means:


Apartment communities that sparkle inside and out.


An outstanding level of customer service and responsiveness fueled by technology.


We are owner operated, with Property Managers empowered to manage their community as if they owned it - a level of responsibility and accountability that translates into personal service and attention to detail you won't often find with other national property management companies. 


We welcome you to become part of the Bluestone family  - as a resident or an employee!

Our properties are located across the country, but our managers all work at the same address: the intersection of future and vision.


It's less important to live in the same state than it is to live in the same state of mind.

At Bluestone, we value technology and transparency. We challenge the status quo. We have no patience for bureaucratic layers that stifle communication, creativity and performance.  


If you share this state of mind, we want to hear from you. 

With dozens of properties across the country and growing, we don't have traditional regional managers.  Instead, as property manager, you'll be at the center of the org chart. Supported when you need it by functional experts. Guided, and advocated for, by your Talent Resource Manager (TRM). Empowered to run your business. 

You'll be part of a fast-growing company with tremendous potential upside. Our success will be your success. 


We'll encourage you to embark on a "True Blue Passion Project" of your choosing. Elevate your favorite aspects of property management from a job, to a calling. 


Bluestone proudly owns and manages apartment communities nationwide.

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